West Fifty Four

If we can create something that is needed, we will. The idea for every brand that we develop is to hand craft as much as we possibly can to not only enhance, but guarantee individuality in an ever increasing crowd.


Following the honest approach to delivering the W54 experience, sustainable branded product kits will ensure a constant level of excellence.

The W54 SkyDens* are not just balconies. From a distance subtle W54 logos are woven into the wooden textures of the landscape creating contrasting shapes that are based on natures system of repeated growth and the golden number, producing unique patterns belonging only to the W54 environments.

The overall visual effect for the people of W54 will tell a different story from each personal viewpoint, at every stage of each day. Every SkyDen* floor with its polished patterned finish, flecked with copper, holds their own angles of light, within warm and natural feeling solid platforms, making their own space outside of the living areas yet within the family of W54 SkyDens*.

Unity and difference are embraced within this visual solution, however the SkyDens* are built with bespoke living hacks, including pioneering sustainable living technologies that work for and with you every second of every day, not only saving the planet but earning money from the grid when you are not at home **